Crew/Volunteer Agreement


Volunteers and Firearms:

Under 43C.F.R. § 20.511, Departmental volunteers in the course of their official duties are prohibited from possessing firearms on property under control of the Department. Because of the stated purpose of the sponsors of Section 512 to provide uniformity under applicable state law from bureau-to-bureau, the potential liability issues that could result, and the absence of any criminal penalties applicable to this regulation, this Departmental policy continues to apply to all NPS/FWS employees and volunteers during their official duties. Volunteers who are not on official duty may possess firearms on Departmental lands under the same conditions applicable to members of the general public, according to P.L. 11-24, Section 512. For this purpose, volunteers are considered the same as other employees when engaged in their official activities.

All positions and training opportunities are open to both men and women. Due to safety and public relations issues, CVSR reserves the right to assign volunteers to certain tasks. Smoking, alcohol use, and illegal drug use are strictly prohibited in CVSR trains and facilities.

I understand that I will not receive any compensation for the above work and that volunteers are "at-will" volunteers and NOT considered employees for any purpose other than tort claims and injury compensation, and I understand that volunteer service is not creditable for any other employee benefits. I also understand that Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad may terminate a volunteer's involvement with CVSR at any time, with or without cause, by notifying the volunteer. I hereby volunteer my services as described above to assist Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad in its authorized work.

Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad agrees, while this arrangement is in effect, to provide such materials, equipment and facilities as are available and needed to perform the work described above, and to consider you as a CVSR volunteer "employee" ONLY for tort claims and compensation for work-related injuries.

I accept these terms